Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hila Karmand and LA College Masterclass

LA College were holding a Masterclass with Hila Karmand in Limerick so I decided to attend, how could you pass up an opportunity to get a masterclass from Prince and Naomi Campbell's makeup artist? This masterclass was being held in Limerick's strand hotel. Since I don't drive (after some mortifying experiences) I was reliant on buses to get me to and from Limerick. The way the timetables work out I was in limerick a good two hours before the event.

I of course spent this time being productive by trying on lots of clothes and lusting after many different makeup products. After I was finished creating mental wishlists for myself I went to the Strand hotel. I was still early, so I sat in the bar and had a cup of coffee for myself I was able to meet up with some of the ITWBN girls so that was great! After a quick chat we all went upstairs for Hila's masterclass.

Hila was just full of amazing tips and advice and she broke it down in such a way that both students of LA makeup and others like me who were less skilled in makeup could benefit. For the masterclass she demonstrated a dramatic look and also showed how this could be made more wearable for a everyday look.

Hila told us how she toured with Prince for 3.5 years and worked with Mac but was never professionally trained. She taught her self everything she knows. I think its really inspiring to know this and that even though she wasn't professionally trained her passion and love of makeup took on the path she wanted to go. Its great to know that with enough passion and practice anything is possible!

I thought I would share some of the tips and information that I got from Hila's masterclass on the day with you.
  • Train your eyes to recognize color, don't depend on names. You will be able to work faster this way and if your stuck with an unfamiliar brand you will be able to find a color easily.
  • One eye will always be rounder than the other, don't try to get them the same, work with the shape as they will never be symmetrical. 
  • Do your eyes first even best shadows have fallout. At least this way you wont have to worry about your base.
  • February shows are for autumn winter and September shows are for spring summer. Keep an eye on these shows for upcoming trends. Its an easy to keep updated with fashion and beauty.
  • Kim Kardashion look is not a desirable for photographers, they want clean makeup where they can see skin. (Wayne Goss recently did a video on this I think Makeup is definitely changing towards a more natural clean looks. Kim Kardashian's look is very heavy)
  • Estee Lauder's double wear foundation sells a bottle very three minutes!
  • Brands are not as important in a makeup kit as knowing how to work with them
  • Contour using small brush fluffy brush and circle upwards - try using a darker foundation or concealer for this.
  • If your skin reacts to something don't use makeup remover just wash with lukewarm water and if needed use a oil based remover.
  • Word of mouth is the fastest most important way to promote yourself no matter what your job or profession is.
  • Start applying your foundation in middle of your face then work outward. That way your skin is given necessary coverage but your skin looks lighter and fresher. Basically avoiding cake face ha ha.
  • Never say no.
  • Know your worth, no matter what you do this is very important!

I had a great time at this masterclass and it was really interesting getting to know Hila more and learn some of the techniques she shared! Make sure to check out LA College if your interesting in more masterclasses or if you want to do a course with them :)

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Dream Dots for spots

Who doesn't suffer from spots? Well dream dots have come up with a solution to this problem. Dream dots are an Irish brand and they claim that they can clear breakouts and calm your skin without drying it out. I heard alot about dream dots for a few months but I just wasn't sure if I believed everyone's claim that it could help reduce and clear up spots. But after finally trying them believe me they do! I'm actually annoyed at myself that I didn't try these dream dots before now because they are literally magic!

dream dots for spots

Spots aren't usually a major concern of mine but lately I've been getting really painful spots under my jaw line. I've no idea why I started breaking out here but nothing I had tried was really helping me. They would go away but literally come back two days later its just a very annoying cycle. I used dream dots not really knowing what to expect but literally my first use and it helped reduce the swelling and stopped my spots from spreading which I was delighted about because these spots were really painful and I just wanted them gone.

Dream dots are basically a clear gel patch that you put over your spot and throughout the night it works its magic and calms and soothes the area without drying out your skin. In the morning you'll notice that the patch has turned a white color, I assume this is just a collection of bacteria the spot helps to draw out. You change your patch every day until the area has cleared up. So I usually use 3 or 4 patches on my spots because they're quiet large and painful, but these patches help to clear them up and its stops them recurring every few days.

dream dots for spots

Dream dots come in packs of 24 and you use one every night until the spot is gone. It can also be used during the day and is relatively see through (wear it too long and it'll turn white) so no one would be able to see it on your skin. I've worn them outside a few times without makeup but I can get away with it abit more since my spots are on my jaw area. Obviously if your trying to get rid of spots its a good idea to avoid makeup and let your skin breath but if you do want to wear makeup the dream dot should be able to stop makeup getting into the affected area so you don't have to feel restricted or worry about your spots getting worse.

To use the dream dot you take off the back of it off and place the patch directly on top of the spot. The back of the patch divides into two pieces so you can take half of it off and place it on the skin and then removed the second half without having to touch the patch directly which means that less bacteria will be getting into the area and immediately your helping to reduce the inflammation of the spot. The patch actually molds really well to your skin contours. I was worried in the beginning that it wouldn't work for me because my spots were in such an awkward area but I've never had a problem with them sticking to the area or not adapting to my face contours.

dream dots for spots

Because the spot is covered your stopping the spread of bacteria on your face. This is great for me, because I am terrible for touching my face. Since the spots on my jaw area are usually more painful no matter how hard I try I always subconsciously touching them and my face. Definitely a recipe for disaster! But with these your not tempted to go at the spot which means your less likely to spread the spots and also decrease the chances of you getting scarring on your face.

I think these little dots are brilliant! They really help my skin recover quickly from my breakouts and they're so inconspicuous that I never feel self conscious when I wear them. Overnight my redness and the pain from my spots are gone and within a few days my spots have cleared up all together. This is my second box of dream dots and its definitely going to be a staple for me! They're just so easy to use and my skin feels alot better after using them. No matter how good your skincare routine is your going to get spots so when that happens I recommend trying these out because I think they're amazing.
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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Introducing Lassarina

So as most of you know I restarted my blog. I realized that a lot of you follow me from my old blog and your probably wondering about my reasons for my decision. Its only fair that I share more about Lassarina and why I made the change, so I decided to make this post.

Why did I change to Lassarina?

I attended my first proper blogger event in February. This event was organised by ITWBN and it was a great experience, there were so many amazing guest speakers who were full of amazing advice, I learned so much from them. There were a huge number of bloggers at this event both new and established so there was a great exchange of ideas and inspiration all around us. Everyone talked about the effort and love that they put into their blogs and how they could make it bigger and better.

Throughout the day I realized that I loved my blog but I didn't seem to have the same passion as everyone else when they talked about their blog. I questioned what my plans were for it and where I could see my blog going. But unfortunately my answers weren't very forthcoming, it was obvious then that I wasn't willing to put the love and effort into it that it deserved. I just wasn't happy with it. I think I knew as soon as I entered the ITWBN event and saw my badge with my name and blog name that I was unhappy with my blog. I suppose I was off all day because I knew change was imminent. I just had a million thoughts and ideas running through my head.

Of course I had read blogs before but its a big transition to go from reading to writing blogs. I had learned so much from my previous blog but I knew I could do better. I started brainstorming what it was that I wanted from my blog. Its still a process I'm undertaking but I don't expect to have all the answers, I'm just enjoying creating Lassarina and seeing how it grows. I never doubted that I loved blogging and that it was something I wanted to continue doing, but I knew it could be better and I could do better.

I decided to restart my blog instead of just changing it because despite how I began feeling about it, I loved my old blog. I didn't have the heart to erase it because I had become unhappy with it. I know it probably made things more difficult but I'm glad I went about it the way I did. I'll always be able to look back on it and see just how far I have come.

What is Lassarina?

For now Lassarina is a beauty and lifestyle blog. I love sharing beauty items that work for me and things that I enjoy. I read blog posts before I purchase the majority of my beauty items and I always find that they're alot more helpful to me that winging it in a shop! I've also purchased quite a few beauty items that I probably wouldn't have otherwise by reading blogs. A lot of these items have become holy grail products for me, so I like to share my experiences in-case they help someone else.

I'm always honest with these reviews, that hasn't changed from my previous blog. I never saw the point in being dishonest, that doesn't really benefit anyone especially not me. Like I mentioned, I read blogs before I purchase something but if I couldn't trust them I would just feel cheated. So whether something is bought by me or sent to me I always share my own honest opinions of these items on my blog.

The other side of my blog and I suppose the most important to me is a lifestyle aspect. Lifestyle blogging is the whole reason I decided to start blogging in the first place so its very special to me. I like to share parts of my life that are maybe a little more interesting or different. Its a much more personal part of the blog for me. I'm still building up my blogging confidence so I know my lifestyle to beauty ratio is a bit biased but I plan on making it a lot more prominent, so you have been warned ha ha.

There is a great atmosphere around blogging at the moment and there are so many different groups and organisations dedicated to helping bloggers. I think its amazing and its really given me the confidence to grow my blog to the way I envision it. Its also enabled me to get a small grasp on the more technical side of things. I'm obviously still learning and I will be for awhile if not always! But its great to begin expanding my knowledge in this area, especially since its something I never did with my previous blog because I just didn't know how to.

What does Lassarina mean?

You cannot imagine the stress and commitment needed when naming your blog, especially when its the second time you do it! I knew I needed to be sure about it this time because its just not possible to keep switching and changing. I brainstormed for days and I thought of a hundred different names in a variety of ways but nothing appealed to me. I was getting frustrated and (once again) I began doubting if I was doing the right thing.

But eventually I found Lassarina.

Lassarina is a Celtic name derived from the Irish name Lasairiona. I was initially going to go with the Irish version but I couldn't remember the spelling of it for the life of me, not a great start to my blog ha ha. So I decided to go with the Celtic version. The name Lassarina means Fiery Wine.

I fell in love with the name before I knew the meaning but I think it suits my blog perfectly. To me Fiery means passion, and to me that's what Lassarina is. Its the place where I share my passions whether this is the beauty items that I enjoy using and that work for me or the lifestyle posts I share about the things I enjoy doing or that I am passionate about. Obviously these could change in the future but that's the amazing thing about passions you can have more than one. Its been a big change but I'm extremely happy with the platform I've chosen to share them on.

Passion is the backbone of any great adventure and Lassarina is my starting point.

And wine because I like wine.


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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

I am all about primers! Usually I only get ones that help reduce the appearance of my pores, so I wasn't sure if this Benefit Stay Flawless* was for me, but I tried it after I got it at the ITWBN meetup and I really think its something that I will be investing in.

The 15 hour primer has a pretty big name to live up to but I think it does a good job. I definitely noticed a big difference with the longevity of my makeup and its really been tested lately thanks to all our good weather! To give it a fair test I used a different foundation than my usual Double Wear (which I normally never do because I've very oily combination skin) and I was actually surprised by how long it lasted! Its great to know I'll be able to wear a lighter coverage foundation during summer without worrying about it melting to quickly!

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

This primer feels very smooth and glides on to the skin, once applied its turns quite sticky to touch but its not uncomfortable. It does dry quickly though so you will need to quickly work your foundation onto your skin and this will help your makeup adhere longer.
The job of this 15 hour primer is to enhance the longevity of your makeup not to cover pores so if that's a problem you suffer from you might need to invest in a different primer to achieve that result. I know I use a pore reducing primer with it, just because I did use a lighter coverage foundation than normal and my skin needs all the help it can get ha ha

I think the packaging of the Stay Flawless 15 hour primer is very cute. It has Black and white polka dots on the outside and the pop of pink on the top. Cute and Colorful packaging really is something that you associate with Benefits Products now.
It has two lids on the primer, I think the second one is there to stop the formula from drying out since it is a twist up formula instead of the usual liquid.
I actually think the twist up formulas are a good idea because you can keep an eye out for when its time to repurchase. There's nothing worse then unexpectedly running out of a product you enjoy using! I would recommend applying with a brush to stop bacteria getting into it though instead of applying directly onto your face.

I wouldn't necessarily say it elongated my makeup to the 15 hour mark but I've very oily skin so I didn't think that it would but I was able to get decent wear out of my lighter coverage foundation which is great, because I normally wouldn't be able to wear something other than my Double wear foundation.
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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Clonmacnoise Co Offaly


This post is a focusing more on the lifestyle part of my blog. I'm trying to make more time for exploring Ireland, we have so much culture and history but it can be easy to forgo for more exotic climates. I visited Clonmacnoise a few days ago and thought it was lovely there. If you do visit though I seriously suggest you wrap up! I almost froze because its built on a mound and is so exposed from all areas! I definitely wouldn't have been able to live there ha ha. It was great to get to see it and even with cold it was worth it :) 

I have always loved history, it just fascinates me. I know some people think its boring but I think its so important and we can learn so much from it. It was always my favorite subject in school and I still have a love for it whether its visiting historical places or reading books dedicated to it! 

I have to admit that I didn't really know much about Clonmacnoise before visiting but luckily there is a informative film shown to all tourists when they enter the center. I tried to take in as much as I could from this so hopefully I'm able to share some of what I learned with you.


The pilgrim Aedh, son of the chief of Oriel died on pilgrimage 606AD

Clonmacnoise had been a National Monument in Ireland since 1877. It was founded in 548, by St Ciaran and It is overlooking a large area of bog through which the river Shannon flows. Its location in earlier times was literally at the cross roads of Ireland. This critical location meant that clonmacnoise developed as a centre of religion, learning, trade, craftsmanship, and political influence in Ireland. 
Clonmacnoise contains a number of churches varying in date from the 10th to the 17th century, a round tower, a castle, three stone crosses and a large collection of early grave slabs it actually resembled more of a town than a monastery. The earliest building were made of timber so they haven't survived but traces of them have been found through excavation.



It was situated on boarder between the two provinces of Meath and Connacht, and benefited from patronage of powerful kings. Until the 9th century it had close associations with Connacht. From the 9th to 11th century it was in alliance with the kings of Meath and after this it reverted back to Connacht alliances again. Clonmacnoise was plundered on many occasions but fell into decline from the 13th Century when it became merely the seat of an impoverished Bishop. Clonmacnoise is also the burial place of St. Ciaran and it had attracted pilgrims for nearly 1500 years.



There is so much history associated with Clonmacnoise that its impossible to write it all in a blog post but I recommend visiting it if your interested in finding out more, or even reading books dedicated to it! Make sure to let me know what places you enjoy visiting in Ireland :)

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