Saturday, 28 February 2015


Last year I saw a tweet from Zoe over at ZoewithUmlauts  saying she was organizing a blogger meetup, so straight away I signed up. I couldn't wait to meet up with some more bloggers, especially since it was in my hometown of Cork. The meetup was organized for the 21st of February and I was counting down the days!

We got emails from Zoe giving us the outline of the day she had planned for us. She kept details to a minimum though, so when I actually saw all the effort and time that went into our day I was blown away! I just thought it was a little meetup, but she really went above and beyond.

On the day of the meetup we were to meet up in Debenhams Cork. I was there a little early but I managed to find Amy from red lips red hair and Melissa from lipstick and louboutins and I am so glad that I did because before this I have to admit I was pretty nervous, I had never really met any of the other girls who were going to the meetup before, so when I met up with the two girls and saw how friendly they were all my nerves turned to full blown excitement! More and more girls started arriving and I have to say everyone was just so friendly and genuine it was amazing!

Once all 21 of us had gathered at Debenhams, Zoe gave us out little name tags with our name and our blog names written down which I thought was great idea! Remembering 21 different people's names and blog names isn't the easiest ha ha (Especially for me, head like a sieve!) Debenhams then came to meet us and brought us to a room they had set up for us.

debenhams cork

debenhams cork

When we entered this conference room we saw goodie bags on the seats (and more under!) glasses of prosecco, orange juice and dishes of croissants and danishes! It was fabulous. Once we had settled in we were given talks about some of Debenhams new perfume launches. There's actually so much about perfume that I never knew so I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I might talk about it in a separate post.

Debenhams very generously gave us each a 50e voucher each to spend on the day, this was very unexpected and I wasn't really sure what I was going to spend it on but I know a few people from the ITWBN blogger event were given some Debenhams vouchers as well and they seemed to spend it on Urban Decay so I think that influenced me ha ha. After this we were broken down into three groups and brought down stairs again so we could talk to several of the makeup houses including Clarins, Urban Decay and Elizabeth Arden.

My group was brought to Clarins first where we were talked through some of their products. Honestly Clarins was never really a company I would think to buy things from, I always associated them with a different age bracket than me, but honest to god since I spoke with the girls in cork I cannot stop lusting after their products. Its actually becoming an unhealthy obsession. They talked us through their Body lift Cellulite Control treatment and their treatment oils. I'll definitely be investing in these products! I wish I had bought them on the day, nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy ha ha. Clarins were going to give us a gift each but it was sent to the wrong store, but the generously said they would post it out to us and they did very quickly which was great!

clarins debenhams cork

After Speaking with Clarins we moved on to Urban Decay. The Girls at the Urban Decay counter are just so down to earth and easy to get on with. We were having a great time! They talked us through their new sheer lipsticks, their new Naked Skin lightweight concealer and Naked Skin Foundation. They answered any questions we had and very generously gave us each a eye shadow and a eyeliner. They told us some of the trends for the new year and the big one that I remember is that a softer version of berry lips will be staying. Which is great to hear, as its a favorite of mine.

urban decay debenhams cork

After Urban Decay we spoke with the girls at the Elizabeth Arden counter. They were lovely and had given us a few samples of their products, which I cant wait to try out. I love everything matte so when they told us about their new matte is back slogan it was right up my street. They then matched everyone with their right colour foundation by using their new foundation match technology, which takes a few pictures of your skin and shows you what foundation suits your skin tone.  They also offered to give everyone a free makeover which I thought was so nice of them but since i'm usually in Galway I couldn't take them up on their offer.

After chatting to the various makeup houses we were given 15 minutes to spend our vouchers so we wouldn't be late for the next part of the day. There was bloggers running everywhere ha ha. I was really unsure of what to buy (Im clearly not great under pressure ha ha) but in the end I went the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and the Urban Decay lipstick in Rapture.

After Debenhams we all walked to The Body Shop where we we given a demo on some of their new makeup range and given free samples of items to test. Some of the girls also got free threading done. The girls in there were lovely and considering they only found out about us that morning and handled it very well.

body shop cork

body shop cork

After the Body shop we all went to the cocktail bar Suas were we got demos from Inglot, Mememe and Isadora. It was also a chance to refresh our batteries and get some yummy food and cocktails. When we got there we were handed out ANOTHER goodie bag this one organized by Zoe! The amount of products in these bags was unreal. I honestly had no idea that we would be gifted so many things, it was just overwhelming! Zoe really put so much effort into everything, I cant thank her enough.

The first demo was by Rebecca from Inglot. Having never tried their products before, I had a whole mental list of items to try after their demo. The gorgeous Mei from Darling Buds of Mei was their model and she really sold the products to me. I wish there was an Inglot in Galway, hopefully one will come here soon!

inglot cork

After Inglot there was a demo by Joan from Mememe Cosmetics which Melissa modeled for. I haven't tried any thing by Mememe before but they were great and every product they used they handed around so we could see what it was like ourselves. They also let us look at their whole makeup case, so another mental list was made ha ha. We were also given a few products to try, so I cant wait to share them on my blog.

And last but certainly not least was Isadora. Aine from Isadora was just so generous to us on this day. Not only did she start off by buying everyone pitchers of cocktails but she gave everyone a wide selection of their new products and also some of their hero products. Aine talked us through all of these products and how they worked. She explained that they may have been quiet for awhile but they are back with a bang and I couldn't agree more! If you follow me on social media you've probably seen my posts about their products but I'll definitely be doing reviews on my blog soon.

suas cork

isadora cork

After Isadora's talk it was time to head home. I was absolutely buzzing, I didn't want to leave but I had to catch my bus. It was an absolutely fantastic day, Zoe managed to pack so much into such a short time, she really is amazing! So to end this post heres a selfie of all of us on the day. Picture by Aine from social onya

corkblogmeet15 selfie

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner Review

I wear glasses nearly every day. Only on special occasions or when I feel like doing something different do I wear contacts. This is mainly because my brand of contacts changed and my new ones can dry out my eyes so most days its not worth the effort. When I do wear my glasses I feel like there's not much point in doing an extravagant eye makeup, because unless someone looks closely or I remove my glasses its not going to be seen for all its glory. A winged liner and some mascara is all I need really.

But some days a girl just wants to get a bit dramatic. So on these days I use my Gosh velvet touch eyeliners.

gosh velvet touch eyeliners

These eyeliners have amazing pigmentation and I think they're great for adding a pop of colour to the eye (whether you have glasses or not). You really only need one swipe to get huge colour payback, its so handy especially for getting ready in the morning.

These eyeliners are waterproof which I love, because as soon as I leave the house my eyes just start welling up, which if you've spent half an hour blending your eye-shadow, it can just break your heart. So waterproof for me is a big must!
Because these Gosh Eyeliners are waterproof if you want to blend them out you'll need to do it as soon as its applied because once they set they're staying. (Hence the arm swatches instead of eyes ha ha)

I do find that they last quiet awhile for me, so I don't have to worry about reapplying them to much throughout the day, just a quick top up and your ready to go. I don't use mine in the waterline though so I cant comment on that, I prefer to use these on the lid or under the eye.

I think there are 19 different shades with a wide range of colour. At the moment I have 8 which are: 

Purple Stain

Gosh eyeliner purple stain

gosh eyeliner purple stain swatch

Frozen Lilac

gosh eyeliner frozen lilac

gosh eyeliner frozen lilac swatch

Copper Girl

gosh eyeliner copper girl

gosh eyeliner copper girl swatch

Rising Sun

gosh eyeliner rising sun

gosh eyeliner rising sun swatch

Cool Mint

gosh eyeliner cool mint

gosh eyeliner cool mint swatch

Ocean Mist

gosh eyeliner ocean mist

gosh eyeliner ocean mist swatch

Blue Lagoon

gosh eyeliner blue lagoon

gosh eyeliner blue lagoon swatch


Green Devil

gosh eyeliner green devil

gosh eyeliner green devil swatch

I love the names of these eyeliners, they're just so fun! I always end up singing Prince when I see 'purple stain' haha.

As you can see all my Gosh eyeliners are more on the colorful side but they really add something special to my makeup without requiring to much effort. You can also get more neutral colors in this line if that's what your looking for :).

These eyeliners are a pencil so you'll have to top them up, but you'll never really get a point on them because they are creamy texture and will probably break before then, but its not the end of the world considering the pigmentation and longevity. Also the Gosh eyeliner's creamy texture means they can dry out if you don't replace the top of them properly. I've done this before with my Rising Sun shade just because I was in a rush, so try to be more careful then I am ha ha. I would also use a eye primer to help stop them from creasing throughout the day!

All in all I think they area great product, with some amazing shades. These eyeliners don't contain any perfume so they shouldn't irritate eyes and they are not tested on animals which is great! :)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

ITWBN - In To The West Blogger Network Event, 8th February

I was lucky enough to get a coveted ticket to the ITWBN blogger event on the 8th of February that was being held in the Radisson Blu in Galway. ITWBN is an amazing network for Irish Bloggers at home and abroad and I've met some amazing people through them, so its something that I try to tell everyone about.

itwbn in to the west blogger network

ITWBN is run by two amazing people, Sinead from Yummy Mummy and Saibh from saibhegan The amount of work and love that they put into this network is just mind-blowing, you can really tell its something special. Like they say ITWBN is a family and it really does feel like one!

This blogger event was my first meetup with all the ITWBN guys and girls and I have to admit I was pretty nervous, 60 bloggers in one place? its a pretty overwhelming thought ha ha but nerves soon turned to excitement with all the talk on twitter! ITWBN is great because there is a huge range of bloggers to meet up with and get to know, so no one feels left out and on the day there was an electric atmosphere.

When I got to the Radisson I was given a lovely pink drink and some macaroons, absolute heaven! The Radisson was so accommodating, I cant wait to go back there they just have such a unique interior!

itwbn in to the west blogger network

We then all entered the ITWBN room and it was amazing! you could see straight away that so much effort went into organizing everything. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly it was such an inspiring atmosphere. We were all given allocated seats which was actually a great idea as we were able to chat to people we had never met before!

itwbn in to the west blogger network

On the day there were 5 amazing speakers. First up was Maricka from OMIG. I thought this was a really informative talk and I actually learned a huge amount! It can be a bit confusing when you start out blogging there's so much to learn, but Maricka talked us through several different aspects of blogging and really made it all seem so much more approachable which I really appreciated because im not the greatest at those types of things!

Next was Siobhan from Letzmakeup. I am a huge fan of hers and I love watching her videos on YouTube! Siobhan talked us through what its like transition from blogging to making videos. It was great to have such a high profile YouTuber talk us through her experiences and tips on making our own videos! I think a few people in the room felt really inspired to take the leap, so it was an amazing atmosphere throughout the whole talk :) There was also a Q&A with Siobhan so she really focused on what we wanted to hear, which was great for everyone listening!

Richie from was up next. This was a pretty exciting talk as Richie was expanding his website to include Galway on this day! the Beutifi website is all about booking and contacting salons from the internet which makes life easy for yourself. Its always being updated so make sure to check it out.

After Beutifi was the hilarious Galway Player! He was his usual charming self and he had the whole room in stitches throughout his talk. The Galway Player talked to us was about utilizing social media to promote ourselves and our blogs, and he actually had quiet a few good points to share. 

Last but certainly not least was Kate from Cocoa Brown. Kate talk us through a PR's perspective and it was just so informative to have an amazing company such as cocoa brown talk to us about blogging from their side of things! She gave us so many helpful tips and was just so passionate and honest about her work, it was great to hear from her :)

itwbn in to the west blogger network

itwbn in to the west blogger network
The amazing A modern mommys world made this beautiful cake, shes just so talented!
If I tried to make something like this it would have been a disaster ha ha
itwbn in to the west blogger network

There was definitely no shortage of food at the ITWBN event! Everywhere you looked there was cupcakes, brownies, sweets and of course some amazing finger food! We were very happy bloggers!

Another huge highlight of the ITWBN blogger event was the fabulous pop up shops that they had! A few I had never heard of before but I've just completely fallen in love with! The one that stands out for me was cotton face. I cannot get enough of their stock, its just right up my street and im planning on heading out to their shop in Spiddal and buying everything ha ha

itwbn in to the west blogger network
itwbn in to the west blogger network
Cotton Face
itwbn in to the west blogger network
itwbn in to the west blogger network
The day was a huge success and to top it all off we were given lovely goody bags to take home so I'll definitely be doing reviews on those products soon! I want to say a massive thank you to Sinead and Saibh for all their hard work! I cant wait for the next one in May :)

itwbn in to the west blogger network

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was nominated by A Judge less Life  to do this Very Inspirational Blogger Award tag. I love doing tag posts so a big thank you to Bebhinn for tagging me :)

The rules of this tag are :

'1. After being nominated for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award Tag you will of course make waves on your own article! So you should start by thanking and linking the blogger who nominated you for the award, out of courtesy and thanks.
2. You then offer up 7 facts about yourself to the world, do not worry, they can be absolutely anything you want! Having fun is the main thing.
3. You nominate fellow bloggers to receive the award and they complete their own piece and REPEAT!'

very inspiring blogger award

So now for my 7 facts

  • I love knitting and I'm trying to knit a throw-over for my house at the moment. I don't knit every day but I really enjoy coming back to it and find it very relaxing. I also really enjoy crosstitching but I havent done that in awhile! I think I might start again tonight actually :)
  • I love cartoons! I'm just a child at heart and I never get bored of them :) 
  • I'm hoping to change my course again, AGAIN I KNOW ha ha. I'm hoping to study journalism but that could change again knowing me! I just think life is to short to only stick with one thing. I love learning and never wanted to be limited to one thing.
  • I'm crazy about animals! I have a pet dog, Charlie and a pet cat, Banshee. If I could have more I would. I just love them so much :)
  • I stopped smoking three years ago and it was the best decision I ever made.
  • I am definitely a book worm. I just love to read. It can be about anything I don't mind just give me a book and I'm happy :)
  • The older I get the more interested I get in skincare and looking after myself properly. I really think its so important, and I wish I took it more seriously before now, but its never to late to start!

I now tag the people below to do this tag themselves :)

Delphine over at Dollfinesse
Patrick over at Retired Milky-Bar Kid
Aine over at socialonya
Zoe over at zoecoco
Bridget over at bthemakeupjunkie

A huge thanks again to Bebhinn from a Judge Less Life for nominating me! Make sure to check her out I love her blog :) 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Heaven Scent Beauty Spa, Galway

heaven scent beauty spa galway

Last December I took part in the ITWBN online Christmas party on twitter. ITWBN is a great network for Irish people home and abroad to help promote themselves! I've met some amazing people through this network and everyone is just so nice. If you haven't checked them out before make sure you do! Apart from this chat being a great way to meet and interact with new people. I was lucky enough to win one of the many prizes they lavished upon us.

The prize I won was of course the best though ;)

My Prize was winning a selection of Ren Skincare products from Heaven Scent Beauty in Galway.
Another little perk of winning this prize is that Heaven Scent Beauty, co-owned by Ruth Kemple, offered to give me a skin analysis using Ren products. I thought this was a great idea and so generous as sometimes what we think about our skin and whats actually going on is totally different! (especially in my case ha ha)

So today I will be sharing my experience :)

heaven scent beauty spa galway

After the madness of Christmas and New years had passed, I definitely needed this pamper time. At Christmas my skin really turned against me. A mixture of my bad eating, cold weather and skincare neglect had put an awful strain on my skin and it really did show and to be honest I wasn't sure how to start correcting it!

So two weeks ago, once schedules calmed down I arranged an appointment with Ruth in her Heaven Scent Beauty Spa which is located right in the heart of the city in St. Augustine Street, Galway. To say I was excited is a understatement!

Heaven Scent Beauty Spa is just amazing! It was so calming which is exactly what I needed. As soon as I walked in I just felt so relaxed! and that's saying something because the day we met was a day of heavy snow in Galway! (which meant my bus was an hour and half late, typical Irish transport ha ha)
It was the first time I met Ruth in person, and she was just so friendly and welcoming, she had me instantly smiling and in great form. It was great getting to talk to her especially since she was just so friendly and easy to chat to and she's a blogger herself :)

heaven scent beauty spa galway

heaven scent beauty spa galway
As soon as I saw the seat in this room I had to get a picture with it! I felt like a princess sitting on my throne ha ha
heaven scent beauty spa galway
Walking into the treatment room, I saw candles lighting which felt so relaxing. It also smelled amazing! I couldn't wait to get started
skin analysis heaven scent beauty spa galway
Lying down for my skin analysis I was in heaven - I mean look at that face, is that not the perfect example of the cat who got the cream?
So to start the skin analysis Ruth cleansed my skin with the Ren milk cleanser for sensitive skin, she used the sensitive skin range as it was my first time using Ren products and its very gentle on the skin. This was then followed by the Ren cleansing balm which has a mild scrub included so it gives a deep cleanse. 

She then examined my skin in detail and was really able to see exactly what my problem areas were. She talked to me about my skin concerns and went through which products would be most helpful to me. Because my skin had a few problem areas she suggested I stopped overloading my skin and focus on one problem area at a time, starting with whichever one bothered me the most. She also suggested I let my skin breath a bit, by foregoing makeup while I did all this and stressed the importance of double cleansing.
It was all great advice, and I've definitely seen a noticeable difference since I visited the salon and taken her suggestions on board!

Ruth then used a new product on my skin the Ren One Minute Facial, which gives balance and a glow to the skin, perfect for this skin analysis! She finished it off by used a Ren Day Cream for sensitive skin.

skin analysis heaven scent beauty spa galway

heaven scent beauty spa galway

After my skin analysis Ruth went through the Ren products that I received from her as part of my prize and recommended which ones I should use. The analysis was an important part of this as she was there with me when I used the products for the first time and was able to get my reaction on them and if I liked them or and and of course whether my skin did.
It was great from my point of view to have an expert opinion on which products suited me as I've often been disappointing by products after trying them at home for the first time. I was truly spoilt by Ruth and was given a lovely sample range of products to bring home with me!

I left the salon absolutely glowing! Even from that quick treatment my skin felt so much better. I am so grateful to Ruth for being so generous and helpful! In that half and hour my skin just got a new lease of life!

heaven scent beauty spa galway after treatment
Half asleep after my wonderful treatment from Heaven Scent Beauty Spa ha ha
After My treatment I asked Ruth why she uses Ren Products in Heaven Scent Beauty Spa and she told me that she loved them because they were organic and her clients enjoyed them especially the simplistic approach they have with the different ranges, and since clients can buy products they like themselves its great value for money :)

This was actually this was the first time I had ever experienced Ren Products before and I have to say my skin absolutely loved them! I mean even now it just cannot get enough of them! I had to know their secret so as soon as I got home I began researching them.

From looking them up I found that the Ren skincare brand launched in 2000. They do not test any of their products on animals and products are not tested on animals on their behalf by any third party! They only uses 100% plant and mineral derived actives and they are free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients which are listed below.
REN is free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfate detergents, synthetic colours, animal ingredients and parabens. In addition, REN products do not contain potential irritants including: glycols and diglycols (such as propylene glycol), PEG's, PPGs, urea, D.E.A, T.E.A, PABA and other synthetic sunscreens, aliphatic alcohols/hydrocarbons, phthalates, fumarates, amines, alkanolamines, synthetic AHAs/BHAs, polyacrylamide, metacrylate, elastomer, poloxamer, styrene, vinyl, polyquaternium, synthetic chelating agents, nylon, nitriles, nitrates, nitrosamine releasers, bromates, fluor, aluminum and alumina et al - taken from RenSkincare's website 
I couldnt get over how I hadnt heard about such an amazing brand before! Honestly I really recommend checking out Ren Skincare for yourselves it truly is an amazing brand, and I've seen significant changes in my skin in the short time I've been using it! I've a long was to go, but for two weeks of use it's amazing! I'm just so happy with it :)

Ruth is really just so passionate about skincare and how we can look after our skin by getting to know it better and is so down to earth so I highly recommend that you check out heaven Scent Beauty Spa in Galway and visit Ruth yourself! She'll be able to help you figure out your skin type and recommend a few different options to help your skin. Sometimes its good to have someone take an unbiased look at our skin. We deal with it everyday but sometimes it can be overwhelming with so many different products available, especially since what works for one person could be totally different for you!

She also uses amazing products on her clients skin, so you can trust that you will be well looked after both during your treatment and afterwards :) trust me your skin will love you for it!

I'll leave all their social media links below for you so you can check the salon out for yourself :)

Heaven Scent Beauty Spa Website
Heaven Scent Beauty Spa Facebook
Heaven Scent Beauty Spa Twitter 

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Ruth for being so generous and kind to me, she really went above and beyond! I really can't rave enough about both her and her salon, it was just an amazing experience :)

Make sure to also check out her own blog here :)

*This was a prize I won from Heaven Scent Beauty and ITWBN.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Hey Everyone,

Today I want to talk about Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation. I know its been reviewed many times, probably a lot better than I can talk about it, but I thought I would just share my experience since I love it so much!

I purchased this Double Wear foundation in June after hearing so much about it and ever since then it has just been my holy grail product. I never thought I could love a foundation this much. Especially after years of being disappointed by various other foundations.

I bought my foundation from the Estee Lauder stand in boots Galway. The girl serving me was so nice and friendly she answered all my questions and made me feel reassured about spending so much on a foundation, because lets be honest Estee Lauder isn't a cheap brand BUT they are worth it. I also made sure she matched my shade to my skin because I usually go for the lightest shade but if you're investing money in one product you want it to work as well as it can for you. My shade was matched to my skin and i'm in 1C1 cool bone.

estee lauder double wear foundation

Each bottle contains 1 FL. OZ. OR 30ML of liquid and it cost me 37E. With this a little goes along
way. I first bought this in August and I only needed to repurchase at Christmas. Which is great for my bank balance ha ha.

So a bit about the product itself.

Firstly the packaging is just beautiful, everything about this brand just screams class to me and I cant get enough. It comes in a heavy weight, compact glass bottle with a gold top, and gold Estee Lauder lettering across the bottle.

It was very daunting in the beginning when I realized that the Double Wear foundation doesn't come with a pump, but after one or two attempts at guessing the right amount of foundation for my skin I got hang of it! It can be a bit messy sometimes but its a very small complaint. I've heard that you can use the pump from MAC foundations if you cut them down to size, but I got so used to putting the foundation on the back of my hand I haven't tried it yet. Its a handy tip if you want to avoid mess or measuring in the morning though.

Double Wear is a full coverage, long lasting foundation and it covers a multitude of my sins.
So much so that I don't even need to apply concealer most days, well besides my dark circles ha ha and it contains a SPF of 10 . It really just makes life easy for me!
I have a mixture of oily and dry skin at times, and this foundation sees me through when my skin is not my friend ha ha. I also have ALOT of redness, which makes me feel self conscious when i wear other foundations as I don't feel they cover it enough, but with double wear I never have to worry about it, as it is a very full coverage foundation which has been a godsend for me!

estee lauder double wear foundation shade 1c1 cool bone

Double Wear foundation does set quickly and so needs to be worked into the skin as soon as its applied. Before it sets the foundation looks dewy but as soon as its set its turns matte. I would recommend really buffing it into the skin though, or else it can look heavy on the face when it sets.

Because it is a full coverage and so long wearing (for me up to 14 hours, if not more) I find that it doesn't need to be topped up throughout the day. In fact if you do try to top it up it can actually ruin the foundation that you have already applied as it doesn't seem to set right. So keep this in mind and make sure when you first apply it that your happy with it.

I REALLY recommend making sure you clean your face thoroughly at the end of the day after using this foundation. Because its so long wearing it can really stick to your skin and break you out if your not cleaning your skin properly. I had a few breakouts around my jaw just because I tried to take shortcuts in my skin care routine, so be diligent ha ha. And make sure to double cleanse! :)

Like I mentioned above Estee Lauder is an investment, especially for someone like me who doesn't usually go for high end makeup, but with this foundation you definitely get what you pay for and I find that it really is something I couldn't be without anymore!